CRM: Still wondering why your business needs one?

Still wondering why your business needs one?

With growing economic condition and stability, every company eventually plans on expanding and growing. Growth in terms of product line or a new product or in terms of a new branch office, all the expansion activities need to be designed and monitored carefully. Here, is the right moment where the company is required to take a pause and fall back to understand if the new business or branch is in line with their goals and objectives, or does the company has the right CRM or an ERP tool to bring all the processes on one platform.

As a company, before you opt for modernizing your business process, you need to think for both customers as well as further expansion and growth. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps in managing both these concerns. It not only centralizes customer data but also simplifies the customer engagement process in a very efficient and secured manner. A CRM software provides an open and a flexible platform which helps in bringing data efficiency to the enterprise through various initiatives such as Marketing, Sales, Service, Email Marketing, and Mobility etc.

Sage CRM, a robust and a scalable CRM solution for SMEs has a proven track record for helping the management to not only gain an insight to all the process, sales, finance and marketing but also to scale up along with the company.

Here are few reasons why should a company need a CRM software:

  1. A forward view of your business:

With the help of CRM Dashboards, the CEO, CFO or any other Management user can get an overview of the events leading w.r.t the company revenue and profit metrics. They can easily get the thorough information by just one click. This facility will help the Management user to track and spot the early indicators of future problems to the top-line.

This pro-active approach of managing the business will help the management to get a granular view of the Sales team or the regions to monitor all the activities performed or assigned to the individual sales representative, customer service provider or even a team to trace the problems and monitor the escalations that may affect the company revenue.

‘Growth in Business’ as the name depicts includes efforts to grow the number of prospects for your company. With the use of CRM, prospecting will not only be limited as a salesperson activity but can be acquired through various marketing channels such as email campaigns, cross-selling opportunities, inbound marketing, Web to Lead etc. Enquiries logged in CRM through such mediums can be directly allocated to the respective salesperson immediately in order to catch the customer while your business is still top-of-mind.

  1. Replicating Best Practices

To ensure a high — quality of Customer experience, it is necessary to make sure that your business follows the best practices which will serve the Customer through every phase of the deal. Sage CRM systems from Sage Software Solutions helps to embed both the Sales and Service process that will engage your employees with every interaction done with the Customer. Well-designed Workflows, Timely Escalations, Email Templates etc. are some of the automated activities offered by Sage CRM which will help in reducing burden of the Administrative users for managing the CRM.

Sage CRM is also accessible to every sales person on the go. Which means that he can be where the customer is close deals a lot faster. To know more about Sage CRM, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at for a free consultation.

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.