Customized to comfort: HMI Barcode Scanning

Sage software solution is among the leading providers of ERP and CRM services in India that provides you with easy to use and customizable software solutions, enabling seamless business management. At Sage solutions, we realize how much hardship the managers face to ensure every process is accomplished proficiently and for the same, we keep on developing and providing best-suited features for your business.

As of today, people expect everything to be quick yet easy to handle. For instance, a consumer comes to your local shopping center and buys a good heap of commodities. Now, billing the entire goods manually may take a considerate amount of time as well as be a tiresome process, which has to be repeated for all the consumers visiting throughout the day. However, the use of barcode scanner integrated with your system can pace up the entire process, cut out the waiting line and ease up your employees as well.

Vis-a-vis to it, we created “HMI Barcode Scanning feature” for one of our client, wherein the scanning is used to maintain the task of each employee. Each barcode scan is in link with the Sage ERP/CRM that can help you maintain the data easily.

Let us have a look at the functionality more clearly:

In manufacturing company, there are many task such as welding, cutting, polishing, fitter, engineer etc. and these tasks are assigned to different employees followed by their managers.

Now for the manager, keeping a track of when the employee has started his task and when it has been completed is necessary, in order to plan further steps. However, manually maintaining the data can be a cumbersome process for the manager, which can be time consuming as well, distracting him/her of more crucial processes.

Thus, to reduce unnecessary wastage of time and the excessive work we developed the scanning feature, wherein the employee can simply scan in his start and end time, and the data will be automatically updated with your system. Furthermore, it can provide you the list of completed and ongoing tasks, number of employees on each task etc. with which, the manager can easily understand how much time and work force is invested for every task.

To conclude with, save your manager the hassle of keeping a record of all ongoing tasks managers by giving him the power of automation by barcode scanning. Further shouldering your business with the smart tech tools such as HMI Barcode Scanning integrated Sage X3 that can save the time of the user and help the company to increase their overall performance.

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