ERP for Bakery Industry in India

ERP for Bakery Industry

While you may wonder that a Bakery is a small setup to have an ERP system, let us emphasise on how is an ERP for Bakery Industry capable of revolutionizing the industry. To begin with, bakery products are an item of mass consumption in sight of its low price and high nutrient value. With the growing awareness and changing eating habits of people, bakery products have gained a popularity among masses and steadily the demand for heathier and nutritious bakery products has risen For this very reason, the bakery industry has achieved a top position in revenue generating food processing industry.

An ERP for bakery industry will help the company in forecasting their customer demand in advance based on their sales history, POS data and seasonal promotions. An ERP software enables the sales force to focus on revenue generating activities like direct selling in high traffic stores and directing retail personnel where there is high demand and potential customers.

In a bakery manufacturing industry, the inventory is of an extremely perishable nature and poses an even more complex challenge than increased demand and supply pressure. Constant monitoring on the inventory inflow along with the storage is very important. Loss in inventory or damages to the inventory are just some of the reasons that the bakery might lose a lot. It is here that an ERP for bakery industry eliminates the complexity in manufacturing and distribution process.

Following are the benefits of an ERP for bakery Industry:

1. Productively Manage Inventory: — Satisfactorily managing perishable inventory is a continuous battle. By automating the order entry to allow for more accurate real-time order management analysis can help the management to maintain a high quality of service for consumers.

2. Minimize Waste and Manage Capitulate: — Improving the daily in-stock percentages helps to build consumer confidence in the department and prevents loss of revenue. Since having overstock is wasteful and also may lead to perishing of the stock, minimizing the excess and obsolete inventory will have a direct impact on the manufacturer’s bottom line.

3. Improve the Product’s Sales: — Perhaps what is even more important is automating the manual counting and analyzing potential customer orders on a daily basis, ERP for bakery Industry enriches the company by automating a lot of tasks, improving the product rotations, perform in-store personalized selling and demonstrate products and also manage various marketing campaigns that the company might do to promote their company.
 4. Lessen Costs: — An ERP for bakery Industry helps in streamlining the planning and scheduling of man power and other processes which in turn, helps to reduce the costs of outrageous labor and purchased inventory as well as reduce the overhead costs of clean-downs and changeovers.

5. Fortify the Quality Products: — Inventory monitoring, Quality Control and firmness tests all help the company to reduce the cost of potentially rotten or products which are unfit for consumption. To know more about how can Sage ERP solutions help boost your business, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at

Originally published at on January 30, 2016.