How an Outdated CRM System can Sabotage your Business

Are you still using floppies for data storage? Certainly, not! CRM systems of the yesteryear were a lot like floppies. It was all like a small plastic disk, the size of an envelope. However, advancement in technology has led to the origin of stronger and advanced CRM solutions today that offer improved and intelligent analytics, powerful reporting, tracking opportunities and lot more. Unfortunately, a lot of business still perceive CRM software as a means of business contact management only and nothing more than that, which is a huge misconception.

Today, we have powerful CRM solutions that offer 360-degree view of sales cycle whilst helping a business maintain healthy sales pipeline and improve customer relationships.

Now comes the sad part. Several businesses still stuck in the ice-age use outdated CRM tools. Here are five reasons why a business ought to shun outdated CRM systems and embrace a modern and advanced CRM solution.

As we are living in the mobile era, mobile workforce is no surprise to a business. People prefer to be on the go, be it sharing, interacting or collaborating; everything takes place on the run these days. Thus, it is crucial for a business to have a social CRM solution, which allows tracking and managing data flowing in from the various social media channels.

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As discussed above, we live in the mobile world. Thus, an advanced mobile CRM solution would render you the flexibility and liberty to access critical customer data on the go from anywhere and anytime. Your sales rep can fetch the most recent customer data on the fly.

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Gone are the days of reporting on papers and spreadsheets. Modern CRM solutions offer interactive dashboards that offer intelligent insights into your sales, marketing and customer operations. Be it a customer’s buying behaviour or interests or your sales pipeline, these dashboards give a bird’s eye view of almost everything. Importing these reports is just a click away.

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A few years ago, the scenario was such that a manager would have to ask IT personnel to generate and customise system reports. Things have changed a lot of late. Yes, now you can pull out the information and generate required reports based on the metrics that you want, all with just a few clicks. Bonus, personalising data-driven and intuitive reports is available at your fingertips.

  1. Document and Data Management

Bid farewell to the tedious process of navigating from one spreadsheet to the other and scanning multiple filing cabinets to fetch the required data. The current breed of advanced and intelligent CRM solutions offer a centralised hub for all your quintessential data. This eliminates the problems of data duplication and data entry errors making sure that everyone is on the same page thus, zero redundancies and inconsistencies in data. Welcome to the era of data accuracy!

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