Outstanding Sales Order Simplified with Sage 300

Sales Order

Sales order is a confirmation document sent to the customer before the delivery of inventory/product. Sometime the customer might order huge amount of inventory with same / different specifications batch / lot wise. These requirements too need to be automatically captured and recorded for calculating outstanding sales order.

Using Sage 300 ERP, users can easily maintain records for outstanding sales orders and can view the status of the whole process at the click of a button. It also gives an idea of the number of outstanding sales orders to the management and sales team so that they can plan their follow-up strategies accordingly.

Let us check that with an example:

Suppose an order is placed for ’N’ number of inventories with multiple requirements and specifications for different lots. Now in this case, the user will need to create an order entry for each requirement and then send the confirmation document to customer before product delivery. Here, it is important to note that, the INVOICE for sales order is not created. In cases, where there are multiple customers with diverse requirements, here is how to create record for outstanding Sales Order with Sage ERP 300:

There will be filter criteria to find outstanding sales order. In the above example, XYZ is customer, so the user selects customer XYZ from customer finder and the same goes to Inventories. After selecting the item and customer, the user can then click on print button. Outstanding sales order data will be displayed as following:

As per the selection, the detail will display from item 64.04.1120 to item WN220.20 against customer XYZ as displayed in the above screenshot. The order number for a combination of item and customer number and date will display as per filtration.

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Sometimes, the customer places N number of order for multiple inventories / product and at the time of delivery, he requires delivery of only certain batch or product. In such case, the user can create invoice for only those item, which the customer has ordered, and the remaining pending items will be displayed as pending sales order.

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