Power Marketing Campaigns with Marketing CRM — 2

In our previous blog topic we had seen how Marketing campaigns can be effectively used to capture customer responses by using our custom “Feedback Capturing utility”. This time we will be exploring another feature which will help in empowering Sage CRM Marketing features.

Apart from emails, a company might want to send SMS to the Group attached with a Marketing Campaign. This is done to keep the group members notified and assure that they do not lose out on the communication.

Let us see how this solution will works when SMS gateway is integrated with the Marketing module of Sage CRM.

In any organization, campaign management is managed by the marketing team whose responsibility is to get in touch with prospects/customers to either take feedback on the services or provide product related information.

Campaign may contain several activities which are termed as “Wave Activity” in Sage CRM. Under the Wave Activity screen itself, we have added specific fields such as Send SMS, SMS Date, and SMS Message & SMS Status to complete this. See below screenshot for your reference.

If SMS needs to be sent to a group attached with Wave Activity then the user has to provide some information to the system such as Send SMS (a checkbox to be ticked if SMS needs to be sent) and SMS Date.

The content of the SMS which delivers to recipient is kept configurable in Sage CRM using Translations. Using Translations, various SMS content can be added for occasions such as Birthday Wishes, Anniversary wishes, etc. Which can sent on the scheduled Date and Time. See below screenshot for your reference.

Once the above configuration of adding translations into system is done, then a utility developed by Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd will take the responsibility of sending SMS to recipients. This utility will read the SMS date and time configured on Marketing — Wave Activity and accordingly action will be taken to send SMS.

This SMS utility can be used for a group of Leads, Person and customers.

The advantages of this feature are as follows:

  1. Manual intervention is avoided.
  2. Success or Failure status can be monitored.
  3. Based on certain intervals SMS can be sent.
  4. User defined Text messages.

To know how can you integrate this feature with your Marketing Campaigns, SMS SAGE to 56767.

Originally published at www.sagesoftware.co.in on June 30, 2015.

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