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Sage CRM Software known to be an invaluable tool to plan, manage and execute all the Sales and Service business processes; has also been proved a very effective and well — managed source to track marketing campaigns. To ensure the smarter business as well as be ahead in a tough competition in market it is very much necessary to be pro-active and up-to-date about pros and cons of the ongoing marketing activities. Over here, it is also very important to be well-informed or well-aware about the views that the customer hold for the services provided by the company.

Marketing Campaign tracking is one such powerful tool which helps in communicating with the market, strengthening the brand position and acquire new customers. Keeping this main aspect in mind, recently we, at Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd have developed one such utility which will help you incorporate all the Customer responses previously recorded by various sources in bulk in CRM within a single instance for further analysis and development of campaigns in the Marketing CRM

This ‘Feedback capturing utility’ as the name depicts, is a tool which will help to capture and upload customer feedback in bulk against the Campaigns accomplished. The result captured is made available within various entities of CRM such as Leads, Opportunities, Customer, Campaigns and Communications. It comes with its own set of benefits such as easy to execute, ease to track the individual contact’s feedback, time saving, and helps in minimizing human efforts in making manual entries in CRM and facility to rate the response type creating an universal repository for the management to view.

Feedback capturing tool has a very transparent and self-explanatory process flow which can be easily evoked while executing the utility. A custom tab named as ‘Response Upload’ has been provided in ‘My CRM’section of every user. On navigating to this tab, the screen as shown below will be displayed:

A pre-defined template must be downloaded on user’s local system through the Download Template link as shown in above image named ‘Response Upload Main Screen’. In our case, we have created a template wherein the user can capture the details belonging to multiple entities. Below is the snapshot of the same:

Through the template shown in image named ‘Response Upload template’, we allow the user to capture multiple details liable to the feedback received from the customer. Here, First name & Last name belongs to the Person details, Campaign Id & Name represents the campaign’s unique record details. Similarly Wave & Wave Item name holds the data respective of the Campaign record. Whereas, the last five columns portrays the Communication details or say the actual feedback which is received from the customer.

User has to fill in the details in the appropriate columns keeping in mind few important instructions such as –

  • No column should remain blank.
  • Deletion of few cells data should be avoided.
  • Rather in such cases, user should delete the entire row.
  • Name of the file to be imported should not contain spaces.

Once the file is ready with all the data to be imported, navigate to Response upload screen (image 1) and click on ‘Choose File’ button. A new pop-up window will be displayed through which user can Browse and select the data file created for upload routine.

Once you select the appropriate file and click on Import button, the data upload activity will start executing. Once the routine gets executed, you can find the exact status of the upload activity i.e. whether it was completed successfully or failed from the alert displayed on the screen as shown in below screenshot.

User can download the error log file from the link ‘Click Here’ displayed in Customer Response Import Status’ image. He can then rectify the errors as per the error message given in the file and shall upload the data again into the system.

Along with the provision to check the error logs from front end (i.e. CRM) itself; we have also maintained all the records under CRM’s Library too.

  • Template — This folder mainly contains the pre-defined template designed for upload routine.
  • DataErrorLogs — This folder contains the record of all the error log files generated due to unsuccessful upload routine.
  • Importedfiles — This folder contains all the data files uploaded in CRM till date.

Once the user creates errorless data file, he can upload it using same steps as described earlier. Once done, the user can view the import status alert as shown in Customer Response Import Status’ image.

The customer responses uploaded in Sage CRM will then be made available under the Communications tab found against the Company & Person, Campaign, Wave, and Wave Activity Summary screen. Also, you can find the same communication record against the Lead & Opportunity tab if the respective Campaign/Wave Activity record is tagged against them.

  • Feedback capturing utility makes all the Customer Feedback readily available in CRM which further helps to easily track the Customer Contact details from the Communication screen itself.
  • Provides a user-friendly method to find & rectify the errors.
  • Proved as Time-saving & easy to execute process.
  • Helps in minimizing human efforts in making manual entries in CRM.
  • Helps in rating the customer feedback such as Good, Bad etc. which further helps in improvising our business services in case of any shortage.

For further details on the benefits and the functionalities of the Marketing CRM, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at sales@sagesoftware.co.in

Originally published at www.sagesoftware.co.in on June 3, 2015.

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