Sage Extended Enterprise Software for Retail Business in India — II

In our previous blog, we had discussed the need for Retail companies in India to have an integrated system, going forward, we will discuss what Sage Software Solutions has to offer to retail Industries in India.

Sage Extended Enterprise Software for Retail Business in India has the following features:

Retail Specific Components:

Sage Extended Enterprise Software is made to be delivered as a scalable and a modular solution. This ERP system grows with the business and helps the business grow in a steady way. Starting with Modules like POS (Point of Sales, Inventory Management, Retail level analytics, Barcoding and Financial Accounting Management) all these applications are tightly integrated with each other to give one 360 degree view of their business.


Sage Extended Enterprise Suite, Sage CRM and Sage ERP are scalable and even with basic modules of logistics, finance, inventory management and even extended to include more sophisticated modules like Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Barcoding and Retail Analytic to users from 5 to 1000 users.

Store Automation:

Sage Software Suites helps in automating and enhancing the store operations for retails. Store level analytics and reports are pivotal to define or redefine the business structure and goals. Store level functions like ordering, inventory tracking, drops, replenishments and loss prevention can be easily handled by Sage Software for Retail Business in India.


A software needs to be configurable to adapt to all settings and integrate other software to provide efficient and accurate data. The benefit of Sage Software Enterprise suite for retail is that you could be selling apparel, food, fashion accessories, footwear or a combination of the above, here, you do not need different software to manage the different products. Sage Software for retail business in India is easily scalable to manage all the products and also grow with the expanding business.

Phased implementation support:

Sage Software is implemented in phases and not at one go. This gives the organization the benefit of adapting to the new ERP and also analyze if it is suited for their business or no. Training and usage becomes easier as the users are also trained in phases on the system.

Support for advanced modules:

Sage Software includes advanced modules which help a store in the following functionalities: Merchandise Planning, inventory optimization, store execution and pricing. These are helpful in formulating business strategies and enhancing efficiencies.

Technology integration:

Sage Software for Retail is based on a modern 3 tier architecture which allows easy and seamless integration of applications with external modules or applications. Sage Software has a seamless transfer of workflows and is platform independent.

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Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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