Utilizing Customer Relationship to build on Small Business Profit

Utilizing Customer Relationship to build on Profits

Branding, goodwill and good customer relationship with the consumer is the true profit maker for a business, which indirectly aids in expanding your business revenue. Word of mouth is still considered as the best and the most reliable source of customer feedback and new customer acquisition. If you have one loyal and happy customer he will automatically bring you another 10 customers but that is only possible if the customer is satisfied with your goods / services and you are on good terms with him.

On the other hand negative branding can hamper your business in a bigger way, suppose you purchase a mobile with a brand name and soon after purchasing, it faces some issues related to the functionality. This will annoy the customer and it will create a negative image of that particular brand not only among his references, but also on social platforms. Here, it is very important to monitor and listen to what the customer is talking about your product / services by integrating Social CRM.

How can small business take advantage of a good customer relationship?

Social Listening: Social media is one of the best ways to connect and engage with your customers, not only for technical support but also for updating your customers with new product ides feedback that you are going to launch. With Social CRM integration, you can connect with your customer on Facebook and Twitter social media tool & can build good relationship with the customers. It automatically helps in customer satisfaction and aids in the creation of business profit.

Anticipate Customers’ Needs: Customers never get disappointed if you prepare in advance of what they exactly want from your business and delight them by giving them more than they had expected. It is always best to rectify the issue in advance and inform the customer, so that customer feel safe and happy with your company, because when small issue can turn into a big problem, you may never know.

Become an Industry Leader: It is truly said that proactive approach towards business can actually help you to become leader among others. If you deliver any technology or product before customer expects it, or before any other competitor gets that product or technology, can help in leading the market and the business to earn huge profits.

Social and Mobile CRM in Sage CRM can help your company have smoother relationship with the customers, Sage CRM is specially designed for small and medium size business which not only helps in retaining old customer also helps in the creation of a positive brand image by helping customer to provide services on time. To know more about Sage CRM and how can Customer Relationship help in building on small business profits, SMS SAGE to 56767 or mail us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in

Originally published at www.sagesoftware.co.in on December 23, 2015.

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