Dear White People is not what you think it is.

Dear White People is a satire. A concept that a number of people find it hard to comprehend. Countless comments relating to the show are adverse to the title. The title is only just a title. The show is so much more than that. A few months back I watched the 2014 movie starting Tessa Thompson (Thor Ragnarock) Tyler James Williams ( My name is Chris) , Teyonah Parris ( Survivor’s Remorse) and Kyle Gallner (Outsiders). I watched it on BET and participated in the live tweet. Just a handful of fans enjoying the movies together. The movie is good so, I had high hopes for the series. I was not disappointed.

The cool thing about the Tv show version of Dear White People (beyond the fact that actor Giancarlo Esposito serves as the narrator) is that some of the cast members from the movie cast are apart of the show. After watching the entire series, I believe that the show is a more extended version of the tale. If memory serves the movie left off with Sam stepping away from her post as leader and walking with her boyfriend. This story expands on that. Sam ( Logan Browning) is given a whole new ending. It leaves viewers wondering if there is a second season where will it go from here? Personally, so believe that season 2 will open up a new whole new chapter and be as insightful as the Netflix series.

I loved that the characters were more well rounded on the TV show. I’m aware that there’s only so much that can fit into a movie. Each important character was given their own “chapter” episode. That chapter helped us see thing from their perspective. Yes, we were seeing the same scene happen over and over, but we understood why a character reacted the way they did. Like for instance, Lionel burst into the party and knocked the DJ speakers off the makeshift stage. We see what led Lionel to do what he did and where he was when he received the invitation.

Another part of the series that I liked was the new Coco. In the movie, she was played by actress Teyonah Parris. Actress Antoinette Robinson ( HAHN) plays Coco on the show. I was not a fan of the character in the movie, but I love the character on the show. Despite the fact that the writers did not tweak her storyline that much, they showed us the true meaning of show don’t tell. I felt more sympathetic towards TV Coco.

This series has a killer soundtrack. Every song well with every scene. Those they can get past their apprehension based on the title are in for a treat. It’s a story about college life seen through the eyes of the black students on campus. You see how they deal with all forms of racism, but in a way that makes the viewer think. Even if you did not see the movie, you will definitely enjoy the Netflix series. If you did watch the movie just know that there are other stories added , but they do not take away from the original tale embedded in the series.

Dear White People is now streaming on Netflix.