Welcome to perspectives an article based off opinionated views of the American economy, disclaimer I am not responsible for any losses you take by listening or taking my advice go ask a perfessional or do your own research thank you for tuning in!

Now today on stocks we had a good day sorta till the end tech stocks slide after bad earnings report after-hours which dropped spy 4$ this comes before the jobs report which was the worst one we’ve had in a min we stopped at 452 at the end of the day from 456 highs which is about 4 points movement still got volatility and repositioning from bigger fish I feel if we don’t finish this consolidation by Thursday things might get hectic on friday the stocks have went up for 4 days and only shot down once which was today and it wasn’t even that low so expect some more consolidation or people might be buying the dip so watch out for a rocket mid day tomorrow unless we open green get ready for a blood bath




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