Why women wear jewelry

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Why women wear jewelry:

  • Jewelry enhances your beauty.
  • Jewelry gives you a way to express yourself.
  • Jewelry compliments your attire in a great manner.
  • Jewelry enables you to attract the power in the universe to you.
  • Jewelry can leaves an impact while appealing to potential mates.
  • “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel completely unique.”- Jennie Kwon
  • Jewelry as the Best Fashion Attire:
  • Jewelry is the best of fashion attire that gives you a remarkable look. It makes your dress complete. Once you’re wearing a jewelry you don’t need to wear anything else to add to your charm.
  • One can wear a jewelry irrespective of their age, gender or physical attributes.
  • Also, you can keep the jewelry for years and pass it on to the next generation as a symbol of tradition.
  • Keeping jewelry at home is also considered auspicious. It attracts special energy to your home and keeps away the bad or negative energy.

History of Jewelry:

It’s being used since several thousand years ago. Its the first of the wearable. Since the inception of mankind jewelry has found an special attention. In the earlier times, people used to wear natural jewelry such as corals etc. There has been a lot of wars and thefts for jewelry.

At some places, people even devote their jewelry to the God as a symbol of their selfless faith towards the God.

In today’s times, the jewelry a person is wearing speaks about the sense of fashion a person is having.

Jewelry as a Gift:

It is also considered auspicious to gift a jewelry on some occasions such as birthday, marriage anniversary etc. Now, it has become a trend to propose someone with a ring.

Symbol of love:

It also showcases your love towards your loved ones. Jewelry is not something that you gift to everyone. You choose it very carefully while buying it for someone special. Also, wearing the jewelry gifted by someone special shows that you also have the same feelings for them.

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