Idea change

After finishing the last assignment and presenting in class I have decided to change my product idea. Instead of focusing on the locator beam I will now be moving forward with the beeping watch. In the last assignment I included it my initial surveys, but decided to get rid of it because it did not fit the audience I was interviewing for my other ideas. However, most people said they would be interested if they had children or were a teacher. I believe the beeping watch is my best idea with the most opportunities for changes/improvements.



Market survey

Top 3 products

Using the ideas of novelty, value, and feasibility I was able to narrow down my top 10 ideas down to my best 3. First I looked at feasibility of my ideas and eliminated my infrared glasses that relied on advanced technology well beyond the scope of this class. The three ideas that I selected are simple enough to be represented with a physical prototype. Next I considered the novelty of my ideas. A couple of my ideas like the randomizing cube already existed after a quick google search. The ideas that I did chose seemed…

Individual Idea Generation

How might we help small groups of people travel together more easily.

Ask (interviews)

Interview 1: Jeremy

Jeremy is a senior at the University of Minnesota. I chose to interview him because he lives in a group home in Dinky-town. Those living with so many other people probably travel with others to places quite often.

I interviewed Jeremy first and he gave me a lot of helpful information. He told me about his experience travel with others to homecoming and to South Dakota. His problems with small group travel primarily lied with the coordination of getting together to head out and come back. …

Do Something Fun

After receiving this assignment in class I talked to my sister. I asked her for ideas on fun things to do around campus since she just recently graduated from the U. She told me about how her roommates were planning to go to the Renascence Festival over the weekend. I am a fan of the show Game of Thrones, so I thought that this could be a fun experience and I decided to go. We saw a comedy show, ate mid evil themed foods, and walked through the variety of shops. …

Final Idea + Recipe

My final idea was a turtle shaped green apple and caramel flavored cookie. I came up with the idea for the turtle while doodling in my notebook. I drew a random shape and it reminded me of a turtle. Then it just clicked in my mind that this could be a cool design for a cookie. I wanted to pair the colors of the turtle with the flavor. I decided that green apple and caramel would be the best flavor combination for the colors green and brown. Also the taste would be similar to a caramel…

Eric Sagnes

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