Stop TV

Purpose: Persuade audience to stop watching TV.

They say Time = Life. Therefore, waste your time, waste your life or master your time, and you master your life.

Good evening toastmasters and guest.

I have stopped watching TV and by that I imply I got back 2.8 hours per day, an average time spent by adult as per an American survey. I validated the survey on my family and I found we spend more than what’s average. ASSOCHAM, an Indian based commerce firm reported kids watching TV on average 5 hours a day.

TV spoils your mental health

  • Unrealistic saas bahu drama, over sensationalized political news, mindless action, illogical comedy and good for nothing romantic stories which only leave you dreamy.
  • It Creates Unrealistic Expectations
  • It makes you feel inadequate.
  • It uses time that you will never have back.
  • Am I saying it isn’t worth watching at all? May be once in a blue moon.
  • Can you influence change?
  • Understand this that the economics of TV is straight forward. Corporations are throwing truckloads of money into advertising in TV channels based on TRP (TV rating points), what you see, is what is sold, is what is popular, is what make most the amount of money. It is that simple. So by watching more mindless comedy, you are forcing corporations to invest money into such shows.
  • Don’t you see the responsibility to choose what entertains you?

TV spoils your kids’ mental health

  • The same ASSOCHAM report provided deeper insights of TV viewing among kids who sit glued in front of TV being brainwashed by all sort of demonic influences, derogative themes and vulgarities
  • Television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence.
  • There are good shows and there are bad shows, but then there are ugly and nonsensical shows too! The reality shows. Which is an irony in itself. The most unreal and utterly dramatized filled with Vulgarity, infidelity, lies, abuses, back bashing and no, I mean absolutely NO positive qualities!
  • 76% percent of kids love watching that. Especially teens.
  • Don’t you want to talk to your kids about what they see on TV and share your own beliefs and values so that they don’t astray?

TV spoils your kids’ physical health

  • I am 27 and I had TV since the day I was born. I still haven’t seen single commercial from a farmer displaying how healthy and green his cultivated vegetables are.
  • TV ads promote low nutritious food such as chips, cereals and cookies specifically to children
  • And the more time children spending watching TV, the stronger their desire for advertised foods, and the more they eat of them.

So what do we do?

  • Simply put, disconnect TV or at least change channel to something positive worth watching.
  • If not TV, what else?
  • Why Family of course. There is a book written by food activist, Frances Moore Lappe, with her kids as co-authors on what to do after you turn off the TV. Entice families away from letting TV dominate home life so they discover the joys of each other’s company.
  • Read. Reading comes hard for me and I read two books in past two years wasting away my time binge watching (another term for obsessive TV watching). This year I completed 7 books, 1 book a month.
  • Get back social. Truth is television feeds passivity. It makes you less engaged. And the alternate is to stay active. Get back social. Meet your friends over a run, feed your passion, meet new people, become active at toastmasters, learn an art, get busy, get going. There are 143 other things to do, you just need to find them.

So start looking. Stop watching