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Dec 9, 2015 · 3 min read

The Secret Origin of Superhero

We recently caught up with our friends Aaron Leighton and Elaine Hsu, the artists behind the latest Sago Mini app. They share what they love most about Superhero and how they used their creative superpowers to make Jack and the city shine.

What inspired Sago’s first city?

AL: When I first started sketching I took inspiration from Tokyo, Paris, and New York to create a North American city. The CN Tower is a nod to our home base of Toronto. But it’s more than just buildings. It was important for us to add aboveground and subterranean parts to the city. Kids will love discovering the details in the park and billboards — there are fun surprises around every corner!

What was the biggest challenge in building a city ‘on-screen’?

EH: It couldn’t be grey or dreary. Cities aren’t traditionally warm and cozy, so we needed to find a way to make the cityscape feel welcoming and exciting like a big playground. It had to be visually enjoyable and conceptually fun. So we spent a lot of time playing with the layout and colours off screen to capture this feeling.

How did the city grow from paper?

AL: I always begin with a black marker and scribble. Eventually, the hundreds of drawings turn into a few large sketches and paper cut-outs of smaller designs. It is really helpful to get the images into pieces that you can move around with your hands and turn upside down.

EH: I take Aaron’s sketches, convert them digitally and polish off the artwork. I make the images work together and bring the city to life with colour. Part of this was including some ‘old’ friends from our other apps.

What makes Superhero stand out for you?

EH: I love that Super Jack is performing extraordinary actions that we’ve never seen before in any other character — like blowing out fires with his icy breath and extending his arms to retrieve a lost ball. The sequences tested really well and we’re super proud of that!

What do you love the most about Superhero?

AL: Jack has so many unexpected reactions! After rescuing kittens from a tree, Jack gets annoyed when they all jump back into the same tree. Jack also giggles after discovering a spray-painting penguin and then joins in the graffiti fun. We love to surprise and delight our fans; that’s the best super power of all!

Help Super Jack save the day! Sago Mini Superhero is now available on the App Store.