In this article we will learn how to build a twitter bot that tweet coronavirus stats using Python and Tweepy.

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Note from the editors: Towards Data Science is a Medium publication primarily based on the study of data science and machine learning. We are not health professionals or epidemiologists, and the opinions of this article should not be interpreted as professional advice. To learn more about the coronavirus pandemic, you can click here.

Twitter provides an API through which users can interact with the platform. Tweepy is a python library that provides a way to access twitter API conveniently. It is a high level wrapper for the underlying API.

If you want to go straight to the code, click here.


using Flask for backend and Scrapy to crawl news

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If you want to see the live websites, visit this page. For live stats, visit this page. I am not going to iterate line by line about how to write the code, if you want it, check this Github repo. I have also added all the news collected in the past 3–4 days.

I wanted to keep track of the latest updates about the contagious Coronavirus outbreak. Scrolling through social media was one option but given the amount of fake news and clickbaits that circulates in social media these days, I prefer consuming news from reliable news portals. The problem…

Learn how to use an API and build a simple application using Python and Flask

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In this article, we will learn the basics of using a web API. We will use Python and Flask to create a simple backend that calls Openweathermap API and render the result in a web page.

If you want to skip the article and access code, head over to the GitHub repo.

Get API Key

Cheap cost of living, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people and good internet

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Who are Digital Nomads?

Remote workers have…

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Web Scraping is basically a process of extracting data from website using some scripts or automation tool/software. There are a ton of websites in the internet with a lot of data. If you are wondering what might be a good way to start with, here are some of the cool web scraping project ideas that you can implement.

1. Price Monitoring

Learn how to build your own dataset and use it for data science and analytics

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Data Science Pipeline

  • Getting the data (covered in this post)
  • Data Cleaning
  • Exploring/ Visualizing data
  • Modeling the data
  • Interpreting the results

One of the common problems that almost every data scientist faces is collecting data. While there are a lot of websites where you can find datasets as mentioned in this post, it’s always not enough. Sometimes building your own dataset is the way to go. And web on the other hand, although messy is a massive source of data, we just need to know how to mine it efficiently. …

Exploring the news published on CNET using Python and Pandas

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I wrote a crawler to scrape the news headlines from CNET’s sitemap and decided to perform some exploratory analysis on it. In this post, I will walk you through my findings, some anomalies and some interesting insights. You can find the code here if you want to jump into it directly.


The crawler is written using Scrapy, an open source web crawling framework written in Python. There is an option to dump the data into a csv or a json file with a minor change in command. You can find the code and command in my GitHub repo. …

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

- Mark Twain

Another week has passed and it seems like Winter has finally arrived. It has been a fun week and I am loving it here at YoungInnovations.

Workshop at Oxfam

Last Tuesday Bibhusan Bista (bibhusan) and Sanjeena Parajuli (Sunxena) attended a workshop on Platform Innovation for Women’s Transformation Co-creation and Ideas Group Meeting. The workshop was organised by Oxfam in partnership with Accenture, Nepal Innovation Lab and Barefoot College. The collective challenge aims to address : “How to enable large numbers of women living in poverty to develop their skills, access resources and…

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