The Fool’s Faith

They typed into steely boards,

They did not have a moment to spare.

I am sure they all had busy lives,

With no time to stop and stare.

They craned their necks to make sense,

Of the words sprawled on the screen before them.

Some spoke feverently into the labyrinth,

That promised communication nipping distances at the stem.

But she sat there with hazel eyes,

With nothing but time on her hands.

She watched each person, a story of their own,

Off to distant far lands.

They would all meet for that moment,

just to go their ways, apart,

Some following their mind’s quest,

The lucky some following their heart.

The dreamer spun the tales, in

Her head, her pride;

Ones of love, of loss, for each person

Crossing before her, following the tide

Unassuming and entirely normal, she

Wrote down a heart’s song.

She had left home to find her calling,

Now she was lost, guilt resonating like a gong.

She had lost sight, she had lost cause,

She might be losing her sanity,

But she still smiled and tossed her locks,

The copper spangles of her vanity.

She was a walking contradiction, negating

And supporting everything all at once.

She was strong enough to navigate storms,

But her heart’s desire she would renounce.

Simply a pawn in the game of the gods,

Who led her to believe in fates.

Just when she thought she had scaled their puzzles,

They reviled their bluff over the dates.

But does that mean that one loses,

They were to never play again.

Because when you are struck down nine times,

You rise again for round ten.

Despite the shortcomings of the prophecies, that

Promised to feed her hope and guide;

She still hopes beyond the pointless,

Fastening in for the wild ride.

She still prays to her gods for guidance,

A silent prayer to see through lies.

So when her final rest does come,

She will find peace under starry skies.

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