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The Verb: Writing love in the smallest places.

The muffled giggling coming from behind the wooden door would cease to infuriate me over time. In fact, the more they shut me out the easier it became. For every push against the door and my pull down the steel handle on the other side, came a word. Not just any word, no, in this tussle for power and presence, the verb is king. ‘I hat you’, I scribbled on a lined piece of paper. ‘Hat’. that pretty much summed up the whole spectrum of emotion, a distilled blend of anger and…

When I was growing up, as part of the last generation that was born into an unwired world, TV reigned supreme in our house. Saturday evenings were spent with my grandfather, watching American Western series. Reruns of the wildly popular Bonanza show, which still rates as one of the top ten longest-running action series in the US, were among his favourites. I secretly favoured the suave, laid-back style of private investigator Magnum PI and the broody Knight Rider with his artificially intelligent car named Kit, but Bonanza had my grandfather and millions of other viewers hooked.

The series had the…

Mariam Jooma Carikci

Author, political analyst and researcher. Mum in the time of the internet. RTs are not endorsements.

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