Knight in Silent Armour.

I could be a beacon of light in your life, a knight in shining armour.

But I choose not to.

I’ll let you suffer, let you feel the pain.

Let you over think, let you analyse.

Don’t mistake this as sadistic pleasure, because I suffer with you.

Don’t mistake this as inhuman, because I feel your pain too.

Don’t mistake this as cold-blooded, because when you sob I weep too.

This is just me being me.

Me being your silent well-wisher rather than your knight in shining armour.

Me being your silent support rather than extravagant posts.

My silence will be the encouragement you need,to heal yourself.

My silence will be the inspiration you need, to find yourself.

My silence will do all it needs to lift you back up,

but my silence will also be the one that will never be noticed.

It will also be the one that gets walked all over.

And as you move on, stepping on the remains of who I once was, I’ll accept it as my fate.

Silently sending a prayer after you, because, you must’ve guessed it by now –

I’m the Knight in Silent Armour.