Time is the one thing that is always on demand. We have heard plenty about time but why do we not treasure it? We have countless numbers of poems and artwork and books about how time is the most important thing in the world and we read these poems and we look at these artworks and we pick up these books and flip through the pages and yet we ignore time, we disrespect time and we waste time.

We know the obvious that time isn’t reversible, you can’t pause it or rewind it or control it. We know that time is a immortal beast, free to do whatever it wants and not fear anything. We know that time doesn’t wait for anyone. We know time is precious.

We always seem to have too much or too little of it. Sometimes we don’t notice how fast time runs and sometimes all we can do is stare at a clock to see each second pass by like a snail on a road.

Our people have throughout the years have been fascinated by time. We do complicated equations with it, we seek comfort from it, we motivate ourself with it. Bottom line is, we feel like we are in control when we know where time stands for us. Just the simple process of knowing the exact time is oddly empowering.

Now, why did I take the time to write about time? Why did I make you waste your time? Did I want people to know about time? No. I just want you, my dear reader to understand something. You gave me two minutes of your time to read about time and I am grateful for that and I can only hope that you will come back and read the next one and share your time with me.

Besides, What is time anyway?

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