See me

Turn around maybe you will see me
You spun me in circles and now everything is a blur
But I still see you and you have turned the other way
Are you a fragment of my imagination
Did I create this in my head
I can see you on the other side of this whirlpool
You stand there so tall and strong
Not a strand out of place
But I m in pieces
Tarnished and wrecked
But do you even see
You come over smile and brush off a tiny speck of dust but miss the calamity befallen on me
I am the land after the volcano
All ashes and dust
There is seething lava
And you are the gush of water
You wash over me
I battle through my own skin to reach out to you
But all you do is turn me into nothing
And you flow over me
Away from me
Into something else
Somewhere else