Don’t just design. Iterate & empathize.

The design process currently being used in many organizations completely overlooks and neglects the rational process that, if done right, saves time and investment in complete design overhauls down the road.

I am suggesting, from experience and respect to given roles within the organization, the following be the design team’s process:
1) Identify the element needing design direction assets. Scope the work.
2) Identify technical limitations or development time restrictions
3) User interviews, market research, and where needed competitor analysis
3) Having v1 low-fidelity wireframes to medium fidelity mocks created (2 or 3 concepts) amongst designers
4) Discussing with team at large, preferably landing on 2 that the team feels best fit the criteria
5) Make quick v2 tweaks/edits and increase fidelity for user group presentation
6) A/B test with a group of users and select best received design concept
7) v3 tweaks/edits & any asset, fonts, sizing delivered to dev team
8) Address any unforeseen tweaks/edits that result from development environment/process

 Primarily due to a tight turnaround with projects, and to no one’s direct fault, you’ll see your team gravitate towards aimlessly darting across the above process. Fight that urge with every ounce of your being — yes, there will be situations where you have to be flexible to hit a milestone.

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