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I grew up in a town where children were routinely raped and beaten, the pedophiles I personally know because I went to school with them were severely abused and experienced repeated incest from all members of their families. My understanding is that people who do such horrific things to children are either psychopaths and or malignant narcissists. I would personally advocate killing those who have done a crime for all others I would sterilize them so to protect the children. The concern of the children would be my primary concern. I understand that it’s difficult to live with a condition you don’t choose, there have been many times in which I wished I was a lesbian so I wouldn’t have to put up with men’s bullshit. More often I wish I wasn’t part of the human species at all since their intelligence and moral compass is seriously lacking as a species. Since I was also abused I am disgusted by the number of people I find that are way too accepting, it really does appear as though they are saying it’s ok to rape a child (which by the way does not necessarily entail violence). I think you would do better to acknowledge that most people in your position are not trustworthy because they are psychopaths, they have poor boundaries, and most see nothing wrong with fullfilling their desires at the expense of others. There are also cultures and religions that promote sex with little children, it’s still rape even if the child appears to be enjoying it……their brains are not developed enough to understand nor to process. The damage is psychological and lifelong. It is not ok to corrupt the child otherwise they become corrupted adults and lead to a corrupted society. By the way…..most peeps who want to kill the psychopaths out are the victims of those psychopaths.