Andrea Desmond — An Inside Look at the Woman Behind the Angelic Voice

Sahar John
Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Andrea Desmond is a pop singer/songwriter, a recording and performing artist, and is, and we quote a ‘likeable, genuine, all around kind-hearted person’. She is also one of the most exciting prospects of the music industry. Having recently signed to Creative Music Industry for Management and Love Harmony Records as her label, she is certainly one to watch over the coming months.

With a new single due for release June 26, along with an EP out late August, 2018 looks set to be her year. But who is the woman behind the amazing voice? Andrea Desmond is a multi-award-winning pop singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles. She has been singing for as long as she can remember and was fortunate enough to receive song writing training from her cousin Alan Menken. If that name sounds familiar to you it’s because Alan is himself an award-winning composer, an Oscar winner no less, who has worked as composer on a number of Disney classics, including Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. To say that Andrea has learnt from the best would therefore be quite the understatement.

For as long as she can remember, music always took precedence in Andrea’s life. Andrea earned a Bachelors in Music degree and shortly after she hit the road as a singer and keyboardist for a cover band specializing in the California and Nevada casino scenes.

Andrea was very happy playing and singing as part of other people’s bands, but it soon became evident that she had a real talent and untapped potential that needed to be explored. Andrea therefore, decided to make the courageous decision to go it alone and to make a name for herself as a solo artist. It was a brave decision, yet it ultimately proved to be the best decision of her life.

In 2012 Andrea relocated to Seattle and formed her very own band with none other than Martin Feveyear as the producer. Martin has worked with names including: Kings of Leon, Mudhoney, and Presidents of the United States of America. She has been referred to as ‘Seattle’s Indie Pop Sweetheart’ and enjoyed huge success with her band, as they would often reach the finals in local competitions and play some of the biggest venues in the city.

It wasn’t until 2014 that things really began to take off for Andrea, when she moved to LA. Upon getting settled in the City of Angels, Andrea began working with John ‘Sly’ Wilson, who has actually worked as a songwriter for numerous artists, including Justin Timberlake. John was able to offer Andrea insights into the music industry and help her hone her craft to further her career as a pop singer/songwriter. Andrea worked as a vocalist, a songwriting coach, an assistant to composers in the entertainment industry, as well as a piano and vocalist tutor, all while spending every spare minute she had working on her own incredible talents.

When Andrea released her critically-acclaimed hit single ‘Inner Fire’ the positive reviews really started pouring in, and now the music industry became aware that it had a new rising star on its hands. With positive write-ups on NBC News, Digital Journal, ABC News, and many more besides, it’s clear that Andrea looks set for global domination of the music industry for 2018.

With her sweet and caring smile, her fun-loving nature, and of course, her angelic voice, it’s easy to see why so many producers and music labels are keen to snap this hugely talented recording and performing artist up. With her new team working tirelessly alongside her, keep your eyes peeled for Andrea’s new single out June 26, along with her EP in late August.

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