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Investment is a tricky concept and not knowing the investment market can be frustrating and at times terrifying. Many assume that investing in the commodities market such as metals energy agriculture and livestock means that you must be and expert, with free time at your disposal and a disposable savings account. While this would be helpful the commodity market is changing and its becoming easier for non-professionals to participate.

The question is, how do you know which commodities market to participate in? There is lots of potential in many of the commodity markets how do you decide which one or few are worth the investment? Over the years agricultural commodity investments have stood out as being a sound solid investment vehicle, yet quietly remains an unsaturated market with sizeable growth potential. At Schwabcore Management we have listed 3 main reasons why investing in agricultural commodities should be part of your investment routine.

Poised for Growth

Agricultural commodities are balanced well for excellent growth. The population continues to grow and need food at a faster rate, diets are changing and the requirement for protein based nutrition increasing. What this means is not only will there continue to be a high demand for meat, but also for animal feed such as soy and corn. More mouths to feed plus the increased demand for protein based foods (China’s leading the way) places food commodity investment (soy, corn, livestock feed) in the spot light for continued growth. Simply google China’s demand for soy over the past decade for further confirmation.

Long and Short-term Investment

While both have their benefits Schwabcore Management provide solutions that will enable you to make the right decision, comfortably. Short term investments can be a smart move with unsteady volatile markets, enabling you if you have the time and money to get in and out quickly. As always there are lots of factors that could send any investment market downwards. Schwabcore Management provide solutions that will protect you from such volatility and enable you to benefit from the growth.

Long term investments the go to for many smart investors can be worth the endurance. At Schwabcore Management we know what it takes to study the commodities market and consistently make strong returns that often out perform traditional rigid investments. Long term investments take time, knowledge and a good foundation, all which Schwabcore Management have the experience in.

Compound Interest

The wise investors key to success. Compound interest in fundamentally interest on top of your interest and is the result of reinvesting your interest rather than paying it out. So, interest for the next period is then earned on the principle sum plus previously accumulated interest. Schwabcore Management know how to capitalize and make the most out of compound interest so you as the investor can get the most out of your capital. Who doesn’t want to receive growing interest on their investment?

Food commodity investments are sound choices having history, market growth factors and increasing demand onside. Equally suitable for short term and long-term investment with much larger returns shown when long term compound investments are taken into account.

With a disciplined investment approach, deep financial knowledge and know how Schwabcore Management reliably deliver superior performance for over 250+ investment clientele all with niche requirements. This means that when you invest with us you are not just diving into an investment and hoping for the best. What you receive with Schwabcore Management is professionals, that want to see your investment success just as much as you do.

Contact us and find out how you can get involved with solid agricultural commodity investments.

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