Its Better To Be Interested Than Interesting

What if we use the word U instead of I during talking?What if we do consider people in our talk more than ourselves in front of them or on phone calls or SMS? What i we give some importance to people from our busy schedule ? What if we give talk to them on their matters rather than our?

For getting the answers of all the questions i made a survey in which i talked to people about themselves and what i observed was really amazing and excited at the same time. i talked to one of my fellow and asked her about the goals and about that what’s going on these days and she told me all that . she did not talk to me like that before and she was answering to my questions very seriously and replying me about herself from the core of heart that what is she doing now and what are her plans in future.

‘’A friend talking to her friend about her and look how she is feeling so calm’’

i asked from many fellows and some of them were really happy to talk to me and sending me 2 to 3 messages at a time as they want to talk about themselves with me.I mean ‘’ How excited they are ‘’and some were surprised too that why am i contacting them but they were frankly answering me at the same time.

So when you give importance to other and pays attention to them it will give them a feeling of relief. By this we can share also other people troubles and problems and stress them down. People feel happy when you talk about them .

‘’One of the worst feeling is being ignored by the person
you want to talk to more than anything ‘’..

i will apply it on my daily life by talking about the person that is in front of me and asking about his health and life . this will give the person a satisfaction and the person will feel its importance , this is how we can reduce the anxiety of a person and made them feel special.

Na kr bandiya meri meri ….

na teri na meri…

char dinna da mela ….

duniya fr mitti de dhaire ….

i also faced the same trouble a few year ago . i said ,’’ none talk to me ‘’. my friend left me by the end of F.SC and i had a severe anxiety and depression that i moved to different neurosurgeons and neurophysicians but no one of them was able to defeat my symptoms . than a few months before that friend again met me and start talking to me in the same way and i don’t know but it happened . i get cured 70 percent , and now i can say that being interested is important.

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