Randomness and personal elegance.

한 4달째 붙들고 있었더니 지겨워서 끝내겠다는 마음으로 뒷 부분은 정말 대충 읽었는데도, 에필로그 전 마지막 챕터는 너무 와닿아서 여러번 읽게 되었다. 여튼 드디어 끝냈다 이 책.

Start stressing personal elegance at your next misfortune.
Try not to play victim. Try not to blame others for your fate, even if they deserve blame.
Never exhibit any self-pity, even if your significant other bolts with the handsome ski instructor or the younger aspiring model. Do not complain.
The only article Lady Fortuna has no control over is your behavior.
Good luck.

_Fooled by randomness, Nassim Nicholas Taleb