Edhi Foundation in crisis

After the death of unforgettable social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, the donations of his Edhi Foundation have gone down Faisal Edhi said in an event that the foundation is going through tough time since the death of his father and having trouble in doing the rescue and relief work.

Amal Academy already took some steps for this and as a Amal fellow I had that opportunity to be a part of that activity. So me and one of my fellow Abubakar had conversation on this that how to start.

And after half an hour we both decided that we should discuss that plan to our batch fellows. We divided into two groups, group A and group B. So group A targeted the public areas and group B will visit the different universities.

Couples a day ago I went to Amal and called my fellows that they will also come that we should start this task. After half an hour, my three fellows came and all decided to visit Fatima Memorial Hospital ,finally we went to the Admin in-charge of the hospital Madam Benish Kashif for fund raising and we told them that we are here for support for Edhi foundation for fund raising because after Edhi Sahib death the funding level has been decreased so now it is our duty to support this foundation as Edhi sahib had done his life and scarified his for others now we this our turn to don’t stop that analogy which Edhi sahib started. So its up-to you whatever amount you want to give us for that activity,there is no maximum and minimum limit, but she said “ I’ll be there for you but when you come with the authority letter as we didn’t have any authority letter by Eidhi Foundation so we had face first failure.

For a while we sat on the floor and felt that how Edhi Sahib done this. It is a difficult task. we have no idea we should we do now. So we started brainstorming on it

And finally we have a idea that we should go to the zonal office of Edhi Foundation and asking them that they give us the authority or may be give us some sort of cards or their banners or their fund boxes. We all went there and told them reason why we came here. But they treated us in a bad manner but tired again and this time they gave the number of Head office of Edhi. I called there and said the same thing to them but they also refused. We came out from the office and again felt that we can’t do that but all of us not ready to give up on it.

We came back and keep trying find out more ways to solve that issue. We thought that there is something missing. I gave idea that we will show our-self as a volunteer through shirts and flex. So I took the responsibility of printing the shirts. I had a great experience through this activity.And we were looking like volunteers

Next day we all decided to go market, malls and maybe Jinnah Library. But due to my genuine issue I can’t went them and I had a bad feeling for this but they went for Anarkali baazar and also bagh-e-jinnah. Many people contribute happily but there were many other people who laughed at us and they deny and on a one place a security guard captured our collection and said which one authorized for this fund raising,it was painful and there were some other people who said that why Edhi sahib need this fund they always help others and some places people said that why should we give you money.One of my batch fellow Saad also tired in UMT individually. He collected some fund but same thing happened to him, the security guard snatched that box from him and both of them went to principle office and he also said the same lines “ where is your authority letter?” So he came back and told us the story which he faced alone. From all of these failure we didn’t lose hope because we all of us that the mission of Edhi never end. As he said that

You have to care for all being created by God…My mission is to help any person in need”

So I think this time this is our turn to continue that meaningful mission and we all are keep trying to do something that can helpful for us in this activity.

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