Interested Challenge

On Tuesday evening I was waiting for my uber’s rider in front Jinnah Library . I saw a young women _ perhaps 25 or so, who was standing besides me. I looked at her and passed a smile. She also done the same thing but it seemed to be not natural as she tried overcame on her stress or something which I didn't understand.

After few minutes later I felt that she needs any kind of help but she was feeling embarrassed to do this.

So I broke the ice and started a conversation with her to figure out the problem .I said to her “Hey! What is your name? How are you? What are doing?”.

She looked up at me with a curious smile but answered me.She also asked me the same questions. After this short introduction, I came to that question for which I started that conversation. I said to her “ May I ask you a question if you don’t mind?”. She smiled and said “ I don’t mind. Please ask”. I said “Are you upset?

After a silence, she told me that she lost her bag and cell phone too. And now she had no idea what do to.

I said to her “ Don’t worry about that”. After heard this I felt that she was in comfort zone and much relaxed. I called uber through my cell phone and gave her my cell phone She talked with driver and gave back my cell phone.

After this she seemed very relaxed and said “ Thank you so much for this. It means a lot to me”. And I just smiled and said “Allah Hafiz sana. See you you again Inshallah”. And sat in the car.

For me I think that was a little effort to makes someone feel special or important which I have learned from book “ How to win friends and influence people”.

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