Look at it this way, transgendered persons have a type of brain chemistry that some people aren’t…
Andrew Ahmed

You obviously didn't bother reading the article in full. Your response is hilarious, at most insulting to trans women. Just because you don't know or understand them doesn't make your definition of who they are accurate. Please read the article again.

Trans women are not men, neither do they have a certain type of ‘Brain chemistry’, we are human like you. You may have seen one on the street and liked her or even had sex with one and didn't know she is trans. When you reject someone you found attractive in the beginning of your interaction with them because of lack of orientation on who they are, it is called PREJUDICE NOT PREFERENCE!

Where in the article did I say I portray myself as a cis gender woman? Yes, I look and sound like most cisgender women walking down the street, but I make my life history clear to the men I date. Even though it is not their right to know my medical life history. Why treat and expect trans people to act differently, when most humans don't do that. As if humans ask everyone their medical history before they go out on a first date…..

Perhaps some trans women are afraid to tell some men because of the hate that comes with the misconceptions your response above have shown.

Why is it that cis gender men always assume that most trans women desperately want them, so therefore they will stoop low by ‘TRICKING’ men…..?????

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh trust me sweetheart, a lot of cis men will sleep with trans women in hiding, but thanks to judgemental society and media, most of these men are not confident to out themselves because they face the same hate trans women go through.

You may not know this, but majority of TRANS PANIC excuses/defence used by cisgender men in violent cases against trans women by black men are lies and out of guilt, because of how friends, society, and their families may view them.

THE MEN KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING! They knew the girls were trans, they turn to violence because their innate sense of hate for the sexual acts, thanks to TOXIC MASCULINITY and how we bring up our boys not to be ‘sissies’, gay, queer, not to cry, not to be vulnerable, our men must be strong, manly, no fear, embrace violence and never show emotions.

So, no, I don't get it!