Delhi NCTs Best Restaurants — Visualizations of Zomato Listings

Sahiba Chopra
Apr 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Delhi — the capital of India, the butt of ridicule from Mumbaikars and recently crowned the Food Capital of India. So, how good are these restaurants? And also, which areas have the most restaurants that:

  • are rated the highest
  • are the best value for money
  • have the most diverse number of cuisines?

I’m going to Zomato’s restaurant listings data for this analysis. You can find the code for this analysis here.

[Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service that also allows users to order food and make restaurant reservations through its website and mobile application. It boasts 4 million visits every month and is one of the most popular online food delivery services.]

My friends and I frequently use Zomato to order food online and decide where to go out to eat. It’s ratings are a pretty reliable indicator of how good a restaurant is. Users rate a restaurant between 1 and 5 stars and Zomato gives a text rating to a restaurant based on its star ratings according to the following buckets:

  • Poor: 1.9–2.4 stars
  • Average: 2.5–3.4 stars
  • Good: 3.5–3.9 stars
  • Very Good: 4.0–4.4 stars
  • Excellent: 4.5–5 stars


I. Delhi has the most number of highly rated restaurants…

(The higher the rating the darker the shade of purple)

…and the New Delhi Tehsil* has the largest proportion of top rated restaurants

Within Delhi, the New Delhi Tehsil (Chanakya Puri, Parliament Street and Connaught Place) has the highest proportion of “Good” restaurants and the West Delhi Tehsil (Patel Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden) has the highest proportion of “Excellent” restaurants. In total though, the New Delhi Tehsil has the largest proportion of high rated restaurant.

II. Gurugram has the highest proportion of top rated value-for-money restaurants…

…but a higher proportion of restaurants in Delhi have an aggregate rating over 4.5 stars. (Bubble sizes are proportional to number of votes given per restaurant rating.)

III. Delhi has the most diverse cuisine options with Gurugram coming in as a close second…

…and within Delhi, the New Delhi Tehsil has the most cuisine diversity among restaurants rated “Good”,”Very Good” and “Excellent” on Zomato.

What’s interesting and also expected is that most well rated restaurants across all Tehsils (except SW Delhi) serve North Indian food.

So if you find yourself in Delhi deciding where to dine out — restaurants in Connaught Place, Defence Colony and Rajouri Garden are your best bets for delicious food across multiple cuisines at affordable prices.

*Tehsil is an administrative area in India.

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