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Sahiba Khan is a journalist with a passionate interest in political and social issues. She is adept at creating content for print, audio, video and online platforms and is well-versed with cross-platform storytelling. Her interest lies in print and video.

She specializes in reporting and camerawork. With an understanding of coding and a fine hand at website making, along with a flair for creative story-telling, she has all the skills required to be a good multimedia journalist. Her internships in The Hindu makes her well aware of the print medium as well. She is well-versed with softwares like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Spark. She has scripted her Tibetan documentary film on a Tibetan religious art-form called Thangka Art. She enjoys covering stories that require a patient, empathetic and inquisitive spirit. She has contributed to organizations like University Express and the Press Trust of India. Her stories have appeared in esteemed organizations like The Hindu newspaper (Thiruvananthapuram edition, Kerala),, The Quint to name a few.

Current: TV Producer with BBC Urdu

  • Produced various stories on marginalised communities for various multimedia platforms
  • Major story: The National Register of Citizens (NRC) of India

Previous: Entrepreneur Magazine


1.) The Hindu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

2.) Online portfolio for Jack in the Box Worldwide:

Major Projects worked on:

Project parasports is an online initiative that talks about the untold stories of our unsung heroes who are differently abled and have represented India internationally or are preparing to represent it. The webiste talks about their aspirations, struggles, rehearsals and a lot more. It is build to give viewer an indepth knowledge about parasports and how people have brought laurels to the country and are yet unknwon to the majority of us. The portal also talks about the minimal media attention the para sports players get. We don’t have to go far. We can question ourselves. How many of us know athletes who just participated in Olympics and how many of us know Devendra Jhajhariya or Rakesh Kumar, who have won Golds in parasports, in Paralympics and internationally. The project aims at talking about the discrimination the para players deal with by the Government, the media and US, as a soceity.

Parasports Project is also campaigning for a para player who has every qualification and passion to race but lacks money to buy his wheelchair. Hence, we are campaigning for him to get whatever help he could through crowd source funding. Project parasports also works to avail coaches and sponsorships to our para players and help them in any possible.

Did you know that Indian Cricket Team (Blind) won the 2017 Cricket World Cup against Paikistan?
Did you know there were 2 Olympic medals but 4 Paralympic medals in 2016 secured by India?
Well, this trailer of our upcoming project ‘Project Parasports’ gives you a sneak peak of what it is to be a para player and how proud one feels bringing laurels to the country they belong.

Project Parasports

Aother important thing that we’re trying to talk about is “Sports for the love of the game, not just for winning’

Mostly, every sport is somehow linked to winning and opportunities and fame. We want to link sports with nothing but love and passion for the game. And these two-Kashmiri men we met in Jaipur Para Nationals will tell you about their own love for wheelchair basketball.

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The site has been entirely built by me, along with the designing.

The camera and editing of the videos has been done by me.

Published Works:

1.) A female bouncer in Delhi reveals how her job redefined her. Published in Scroll.

2.) An organization that takes care of the unclaimed dead bodies in Delhi-NCR. Published in The Quint.

3.) Stories in The Hindu newspaper (Thiruvananthapuram edition, Kerala)

Some of the bylines in The Hindu

Other major work:

  • Documentary film on Tibetan artform
  • A documentary film on Commercial Surrogacy in India
  • A multimedia story on a trans-sex worker
  • A photobook on a female bouncer in a Delhi club

Media dissemination

1.) Our current project: Project Parasports has been showcased at the Indian Social Institute during an event named ‘Democracy, Dissent and Online Spaces in India’.

Explaining our online project- Project parasports

2.) Screening of our film ‘Art in Exile’ at the Lungta-A festival of Tibetan films

Neha Dixit at Lungta
Honouring the Tibetan head monk of Majnu ka Tila

3.) Screenings at Playground Creative House, New Delhi.

We got an opportunity to screen our Tibetan documentary flms at Playground Creative House.

4.) Presentation of our Project Parasports at AINAA 2017

Gulfam Ahmad and I, a para powerlifter giving speech on Ainaa 2017 while inaugrating our website