sahib Arora
Mar 16 · 2 min read

Hi guys,

Today, Before I talk further about contributing to the Open Source. Lets discuss the importance of why to contribute. How contributing to Open source can help us?

Lets hear the story of Ethan Arrowood

As mentioned in the story, it was open source contributions which stood him different from the crowd. Just have a look to his contributions. 500 Contributions over a year, that’s a lot. If you have less, its all good, Not everyone is active like him. But the main Idea behind his story was, contributions in open source not just help in learning but can also help you in getting into your dream companies.

Lets have a look back!

Earlier, I did some localization work with React. It was a good experience in learning how is the culture. Then, I got a chance to do some designing for one project and last not least I got a chance to do some coding with a project coded in React. Most of the contributions were easy to do not tricky, nor a lot of readings. But now as with some experience, this time I will try to get into something from where I can get a boost to my Open source carrier. What I mean by this is that, I will try to contribute to some big and famous Open source projects.

List of Open Source Projects I am looking to Contribute into are:

  1. Microsoft VS Code: It is one of the most famous Editor, I have been using it from 1.5 yrs, So, I am gonna try to find some issue which I could understand and work on it.

The issue, right now I am looking into is: [issue].

2. Git Hub Desktop: Recently, I was having a look to my professor’s work, by which I got some experience in Git hub desktop. So, I will be looking forward to get some more insights.

There are several different, I am looking forward to:

Some of them are:

  • facebook/react-native
  • tensorflow/tensorflow
  • angular/angular-cli
  • angular/angular
  • ansible/ansible
  • kubernetes/kubernetes

If you guys have anything let me know and thanks for stopping by, if you wanna hear more, stay tuned!

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