My forth Contribution


As, it was getting interesting, I got stuck now!

Hell No!!! It was a project about raising funds for teachers. You can go into the project and login as a donor or as guest and can donate for the hard working teachers.

I came across an enhancement feature in the project where I have to toggle the menu selection according to the particular button clicked. I was doing fine, I understood the whole code, I understood, how it is going to be fixed and I was so happy but then everything happened.

The owners of the project are using the latest next.js, which I am not very familiar too and I have to pass parameters with the URL. I did everything right as according to the limited help I got from internet and huge help from the owners but the thing will not work.

Going further into the issue, I noticed that even if I do this enhancement, it will cause a logical error in the project and the error was because of the way project was coded. Now I am working with the owners to get it done!

And now after 2 days hard work, code is fixed, I had to change a little logic in owners file and completed the requested enhancement.

You can have a look to the whole story here. [issue][pull request].