Open Source filling life in me!

sahib Arora
Mar 29 · 2 min read

Hi everyone,

Today, I want to share my wonderful experience with you all.

Starting from the starting, from two weeks, I was trying to work on something in open source, to learn something new, I tried to work on some well known projects: VS Code and Git hub desktop but unfortunately both were assigned to somebody else.

I was feeling a bit low but then I decided to work on not well know projects but on the one which will be a challenge to me and after some search I found one which I really wanted to do, I had to create a suggestions list on user’s input. More like when you search on google you are given suggestions, exactly like that.

I accepted the challenge and started working on it. It took me some time to understand the working of the project but when I understood the working, I knew the steps to be taken to complete it.

Generic steps will be:

  1. Accessing the right Database.
  2. After accessing, taking the data to the right place in the code.
  3. Showing the data in a user friendly way.

I followed on the steps and ended up creating this:

As you type anything in the search bar, suggestions list will be populated!

It was not an easy journey, I had to write almost 70–80 lines of code without touching the owners code and beside that I had to get that working passing through all the errors, which could come in my way and there were a lot but that’s what is called learning. I learned, now its your time to be open and learn.

you can see my work [issue] [pull request].

Thank you,

Stay Open!

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