Overall Experience

Hi guys,

My starting with open source was very good, everything was working so smoothly, I was exploring the projects and doing research for them, then I did little bit of localization and then I got a chance to do the Designing, I was just left with a bug to solve and at last I got that too, though it proved to be the most difficult one but lot of learning.

First Pull Request

Second Pull Request

Third Pull Request

Forth Pull Request [issue] [coming soon]

If somebody ask me how was my journey, it was amazing. I noticed how helpful people are in the open source community, how polite they are and will always give you a chance to do what you want to do, which makes a big difference.

I will prefer people to go and try contributing and walk on this path because there is lot to learn on this path. So, if you never had a contribution, Given below is the list of Good First issue. Go and contribute ->

List of Good First Issues.

I am pretty satisfied with what I did, hope you to feel the same after your first pull request on git hub.

Thank you,