Release 0.4

Beginning of my future journey!

It was fun time involving in Open source community, I had a great experience, I loved the way people come from front to help you, how people involves each other in various projects, how my favourite projects are built and maintained. Though it is a hard journey, as you have no idea of what project is and you jump in and work on them. Its just easy to say thing but you need mind awareness to do it but once you get going, once you get the push after you do few PR’s your mentality changes — you start looking at projects differently, from the time when it was understand to what Project is to the time you when you start thinking this could be an interesting feature in this project. And after enough experience you say I need to start my own project, as now you have enough knowledge of what people wants and what people like.

For me, on the path of a developer, I believe open source is a path for me to learn, understand and develop myself. I am never going to stop contributing, though I couldn’t do better in this milestone due to shortage of time but no worries, I am not going anywhere!

Little bit about what happened, it was a hard time to focus for finding a bug to work on, Due to shortage in time, I decided not to work on bigger issues but I will work on two smaller issues, I found an issue which only accepted strings but the requirements needed strings and number. So, I jumped in to the Project and located where was it happening, Once, I figured out, fix was easy just to change the type. [issue][PR].

Thank you!