Tea @ midnight on my balcony

Its been several months I have been living in Bangalore. Friends who came with me here, all left for their respective pursuits. Virtually life has been work, eat, sleep and repeat for me, if you don’t count the occasional movies and dinners out.

I love Bangalore, it being so different from the place I come from. People racing past each other in that ever pursuit of something which I am sure they themselves have forgotten by now. People working their shit off during the week and partying during weekends. I, on the other hand, seek a moment of solace each day and that I get from my retreat on my balcony with myself. The city becomes beautiful when its pace is slowed down, people finally putting off their pursuit and settling in for that one primal activity which I am sure humans have been doing since all ages-sleep.

I watch the roads and lanes below from where I parch on the top floor of my building with tea in my hand. Tea cups are amazing things and can change my mood instantly only by their cute designs. Occasional late troopers walking back to their home with a bag hanging from their sides. The famous Bangalore breeze blowing taking away all the stress of the day(who needs a spa!). The windows in the buildings, half of them open, half closed, half lit up, half dark. That feeling of being a tiny being in such a huge city is overwhelming and gives me inspiration to do more, to work harder and be something.

I am sure Bangalore has to offer something to everyone, to me it gave a bit of all the emotions of happiness, sadness, loneliness, motivation and the probability of a future with unbounded possibilities.