Tips for Teaching Arabic Words to Children

Children are taught Quran recitation at a very young age. This doesn’t mean that they’re handed over the Holy Quran right away and instructed to learn the recitation on hit-and-trial method. This process is taken in steps. First, they are taught pronunciations of Arabic letters used in the Quran with the help of some books called ‘Noorani Qaida’. The number of these books is thirty two (thirty two chapters) to help in the learning process. When the child has learnt all these thirty two books and is proficient at every pronunciation then he may proceed to recite the Holy Quran.

There are several ways of going on about it. They’re described below:

Hire a Qari (instructor):

It’s a general tradition that parents hire Qaris for teaching the Noorani Qaida to their kids. This method is beneficial in a way that the fixed timing of Qari’s arrival teaches them about time discipline as well. Therefore, they schedule their day accordingly. Besides that, the obvious benefit is that Qari is a professional in this field so he can teach well without any doubt or difficulty. The sequence follows that it teaches just about the letters and their unique way of pronouncing in the beginning chapters, and then it proceeds to the words so any confusion in the child’s head is taken care of.
For parents looking for timing flexibility or who live in a place where no Qari is available can also hire a Qari online. There are websites that offer this facility for an affordable fee like This website can also give you trial classes provided you register with a valid email id. It must be kept in mind that this study is not limited to kids, but there are adults as well who seek the help of Qaris for their mispronunciations. So this site also offers the availability of female tutors for female students.

Do-it-yourself methods:

1. Books

There are always ‘do-it-yourself’ methods for everything. As mentioned before, you can buy the Noorani Qaida books and teach your children yourself instead of going through the trouble of hiring a Qari. This way, you can add your love and care to your beloved while teaching them a useful and beneficial knowledge at the same time. You can also go online and search for audio recitation lesions of this Qaida to remove any doubts you may have.

2. Smartphone apps

In this era of high technology, many things are now handy and you don’t have to carry around books with you anymore. Noorani Qaida has a similar story. These days, almost everyone has a smartphone (android or iPhone) and they install apps from play store or app store (for iPhones). There are numerous apps available in the play store for noorani qaida like the Noorani Qaida app developed by QuranReadingTM academy. This app is convenient to use and gives you a beautiful UI. It compresses the 32 chapters into 17 and gives you step-by-step guidance of every Arabic letter aided with the use of colors, big font and the option to play the audio. Another app from the same developer is ‘Kid’s Qaida Series which offers an interactive display of lessons. Not only that, it teaches them in the form of quizzes and games to keep their interest.

3. Videos

Another method, which can save you money, is searching the net for online videos. You can scroll through videos on youtube or dailymotion for Qaris demonstrating pronunciations. This is by far the best method because this way you can log into your pc and watch videos whenever you’re free. No need to adjust schedule for a Qari, no need to pay for online tutoring and no need to drive your kids to the nearest mosque.


Teaching Quran to children is very important so it’s essential to do it in the proper way and avoid any mistakes because children could take these mistakes with them when they grow older and recite Quran (which is a great sin). Therefore, we must all opt for any method we like and do it with interest and devotion.

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