I’m the SpaceX intern who speculated Satoshi is Elon Musk. There is more to the story.

Sahil Gupta
2 min readDec 23, 2021

My name is Sahil Gupta, and I run spase.io, a 3D software company based in San Francisco. I’ve worked for SpaceX (’15) and Tesla (‘18), and I am the SpaceX intern who speculated that Satoshi Nakamoto is Elon Musk.

Original post

Bloomberg article

The reasons I presented were essentially

- capability
- will
- linguistic similarity (C++, “order of magnitude”, “bloody hard”)

But there is one more reason, which wasn’t my place to share 4 years ago. Circumstances have led me to realize now might be the time.

The other reason I am near certain that Satoshi is Elon is that 4 years ago I had a call with Sam Teller, Musk’s then chief of staff.

I had emailed Musk for a job, and managed to get a phone call with Teller.

Long story short, Teller said Not a good fit, Go start your own company (advice which I thank him for).

Then as the call was about to end, I asked him, Hey is Elon Satoshi?

There was silence for 15 seconds.

Then Teller said, “Well, what can I say?”.

Not a paraphrase. Actual words.

Then I said Wow. Awkward silence. Bye. And that was the end of the conversation.