5 Biggest Coding Myths everyone used to believe in

Be it the thought of you are needed to be a Genius to Code or It’s Too Late to Learn Coding we all have had our doubts and myths we used to believe in but you will be surprised to know that you were not alone at all as we all used to believe in these myths.

So today we are going to explore Some of the 5 Biggest coding Myths everyone used to believe in. So, without any further ado let’s Get Started.

#1) It takes to be a Genius to Code –

I know it’s hard to believe as these days we are more aware of Coding than we ever have been but shockingly it is the most common and the biggest myth and many of us still have this dilemma deep down inside our head till now when they think and believe that it takes a genius to code and only the people with the brilliants of minds and genius capabilities to code.

But in reality, it is not correct as being a software developer requires more than just intelligence.

As Rasheed Ogunlaru says :

“How you look at it is pretty much how you’ll see it”

Coding is a language that allows you to interact with a computer to perform a task. You may find learning it difficult or intimidating as it takes some effort, creativity, and learning to become a successful Coder — not the intelligence of a Genius.

#2) You Need To Be Good At Math –

The second biggest and widely accepted Coding Myth is that you need to be good at maths to become a great programmer but it is not true as you do not need mathematical formulas to write code. However, basic algebra is indeed needed but it is of the basic level which you usually learn in primary school and for special cases like in case of game development in which you need a certain level of knowledge regarding physics and trigonometry, there are various plugins and libraries you can use to figure out these mathematical problems with ease.

#3) To learn code, you must attend a university –

As coding seems to be hard to learn at first and you might find yourself thinking that you need to attend a university to learn it. However, all of this depends on whether you want to pursue coding as a career or you just want to explore it. If you want to pursue it as your career then you might need to attend a university but if you just want to explore it which is the case for most people then you don’t need to do this at all like these days there are so many websites, resources and specialized courses designed to suit your needs available online which will help you do that with ease while also giving you the comfort of your home.

#4) Coding is only for Nerds –

Sure, being a coding nerd has its perks and some of the great programmers like Larry Page and Dennis Ritchie happened to be the greatest nerds history has ever seen but this doesn’t mean that you too need to be. Many exceptions did great in Coding without being a nerd or a geek as it takes all kinds, hard work and dedication to become a great coder.

#5) Coding is boring –

The other coding myth which everyone believes in is that coding is boring but these days when technology is embedded in each and every part of our daily life coding is the biggest part of it. Let it be your favourite video games, those cool mobile apps you love to use or Social Media platforms you like to use all of them are created by a programmer (coder). It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to write code. It is found that Coding exercises can activate the brain’s learning centre as well as it can improve our cognitive skills, problem-solving skills and memory as well.

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