Why we as Indians need to ban Pakistani artists.


I am sure you know Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are under HIGHEST alert. Sketches of armed men are released. Mind you, this comes at a time when we still mourning over Uri. Before Uri happened Poonch. Before Poonch happened Pathankot. And the list may go on and on.

By this we sure can figure out that they aren't going to stop. At the front or a few kilometers away from comfy homes as you termed, we may be well under attack again.

Absurd is the fact that we term this wave as mass hysteria. Equally absurd is the fact that at a time when we are attacked on borders as well as areas surrounding our 'comfy homes' we still believe that we should not give in to this mass hysteria.

We not only end up with dead bodies of our soldiers and citizens, we end up with a message boldly conveyed each and every time, that is, we shall attack again. And again. And till the sky falls down.

I trace my roots to Sind, Pakistan. However, unlike you I shall not expand on the similarities we have and the kind of food and language we both have in common, simply because I don’t think this is the time to talk about cultural similarities or even so called terminology of artists having no boundaries. Period.

Yes, Fawad khan and all the other Pakistani artists did not fire a single shot. They never will. Banning here my friend, isnt an action. It is a stand. A stand that we won't take any more imports. Be it fawad khan or Pakistani onions.

We, unitedly, stop everything from a country who shimmers and relishes with the count of our corpses.

- Sahil Chowdhary

Jai Hind.

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