Harmony launches support for Gnosis Safe, enabling developers and users to practice stronger security standards through multisig transactions.

Harmony is fully EVM and Ethereum tooling compatible and we are witnessing great developer activity in the recent weeks. Users have been able to use decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain bridges on Harmony easily with Metamask connected to the Harmony network.

As early adopters deploy and use these applications, we are excited to see the first few governance proposals within some of these communities.

For example, check out the discussions and governance activity on validator network governance, Venom…

The Harmony and Binance Smart Chain bridge is now live at bridge.harmony.one

In November 2020, Harmony community launched the Horizon bridge that connects Ethereum and Harmony blockchains. Users have been able to bridge their Ethereum assets (ETH, ERC20, ERC721) over to Harmony. Now we are adding support for bridging BNB and BEP20 assets over to Harmony.

The Binance Smart Chain bridge will open the gates for the Binance Smart Chain assets and applications to freely interact with the Harmony blockchain and its growing application ecosystem.

Why bridging with multiple blockchains?

DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces are already being launched by the community. …

At Harmony, our roadmap in 2021 is to scale Ethereum applications and cross-chain finance. Today we’re excited to announce a critical milestone in our pursuit — full compatibility with Ethereum tools — Metamask, Web3.js, Ether.js, Truffle, Remix.

Over the past few months, we have met with many developers, organized a few hackathons, conducted community calls, followed the spectacularly exploding DeFi and NFT space — all of this to understand what are the hurdles for developers to grow and scale their applications, and what prevents millions of more users to benefit from decentralized finance, social money and digital collectibles communities powered…

We have published an updated version of the ONE wallet chrome extension (version 1.0.9). This version has been reviewed and audited by our security partner, PeckShield. The audit report is being done in two phases, the first phase focuses on the security aspects of the wallet. The first phase is now complete and its report can be found here. The second phase will include a full write up and will be published in the next two weeks.

Following are the fixes and additions from the previous version (1.0.7):


* Tab response hijacking protection

* Safe hostname detection

  • We detect…

We are sharing another update on the November 18th exploit. Refer to the initial incident post here.


  1. Blockchain & cybersecurity firm PeckShield is conducting the root-cause investigation.
  2. We’re working with the affected users and various investigating agencies for recovery of lost funds.

Update from PeckShield based on the investigation so far

Dr. Jeff Liu — “Per Harmony’s request, PeckShield team investigated the Harmony ONE token loss incident. We first checked the issue discovered by the Harmony team, OneWallet saving user credential data in the Chrome Storage. We recognize that this may be a potential security vulnerability and has been…

This post is an update to Stephen’s tweet on November 18th about reports of lost funds. In this post, we will share what we know about the potential exploit, all the information we know about the alleged attacker, what we’ve done so far to contain the potential threat, and we want to give the alleged attacker a chance to return the funds.

On November 18th, we received reports of lost funds, mysteriously missing from 9 wallets at the time of this writing.

The Facts (as of 11/20/2020)

A total of 25,356,279.23 ONE tokens were removed from 9 wallets.

Affected wallet addresses

  • one14y4y0avdhlwfmvufxkch53q57stwmctg002vlv
  • one1r3fhhzzzatcmqx62nszqxf3shk8qk7qhlmg7tk
  • one10wgvlxx85vwcfk43g0vzss95er80uneh2h80hv
  • one13gv9shkzs847ayy6ggjxssv9g73jlvydlem2ra

(Reposted. Originally published on 10/19/20)

ho·ri·zon /həˈrīzən/: the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.

Harmony has launched Horizon, the first version of its Ethereum-Harmony cross-chain bridge, on the mainnet. This is the foundation of many upcoming initiatives designed to bolster a vibrant crosschain ecosystem on Harmony that will allow users and developers to smoothly interact with multiple chains. When you feel like you have reached the natural limitations of a blockchain, that is where we will meet you — at the Horizon.

Horizon opens up the gates for assets to flow freely between Harmony…

A Tech Showcase of a Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange

After launching the Horizon bridge to swap assets from Ethereum to Harmony, we are excited to announce that our community has launched a technology demo of a cross-chain DEX — Swoop.

Swoop will enable the community to test out the seamless, high-speed and low-fee user experience while exchanging assets in a non-custodial manner on Harmony.

This first version of Swoop demonstrates the easy migration of foundational decentralized finance infrastructure like Uniswap v2 on Harmony, an EVM compatible chain.

The next version, launching in the coming weeks, will be a fully-cross-chain DEX, relying on the Horizon bridge APIs to power cross-chain…

After Binance US-dollar stablecoin BUSD, Harmony is launching a fully audited and fiat-backed stablecoin with Indonesia’s Rupiah Token.

Rupiah tokens on Harmony will enable real-time settlement for cross-border payments. Harmony recently launched a US dollar stablecoin BUSD with Binance and is building a fintech ecosystem to drive payments in the US-India corridor.

Launching an Indonesian fiat-backed stablecoin builds upon our cross-border payments strategy, allowing local fintech and remittance companies to leverage these stablecoins for global payments. These stablecoins are fully-regulated and have fiat on/off-ramp support through digital asset exchanges and local partners.

Using local or regional stablecoins that can be instantly settled on a scalable blockchain is key to faster and cheaper global payments, especially for regional b2b…

Yes, you read that correct, the long-awaited Harmony token swap is here. We are excited to launch the native ONE token. We know it’s been a long process for token holders and we’re incredibly grateful for your patience and continued support.

On to the swap - all issues flagged in the Peckshield security audit report have been successfully resolved and the mainnet has now smoothly passed the rolling upgrade in preparation for the swap. Huge thanks to our incredible team of Foundational Node operators who’ve been invaluable partners in this process. …

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