2016 Elections Conspiracy Theory!

It was the year 2008 when I started following the US Presidential elections closely. Obama’s victory as the first Black President was a welcome change in the US politics, but it was a much-celebrated event because of the departure of war rattled republican politics. Obama came in with a crumbling baggage of global recession, which was compounded with the post-war economic epidemic. He had a task at hand- to fix the economy and to ensure that there was no more war. Barring a few intellectually deprived critics of Obama, a majority do agree that his two terms infused stability in the ecosystem.

So what has changed in 2016 elections? Well, just like a new iPhone, nothing except everything! Or so as they like to claim it. The rules of the game are being governed by the technologically advanced uber-twitter-facebook campaign strategies. So much so that synonymous with ‘Trial-by-Media’, a new term called ‘Election-by-SocialMedia’ has been coined. And last but not the least, since when did comic characters start running for elections? Welcome to 2016!

Disclaimer- This is a developing conspiracy theory, more so because I like connecting the dots, even when they do not need a connection. Take it as a fun pill, since like any conspiracy theory, the truth is in the authors head!

A year back or so, Donald Trump was known as a media personality popular because of American Reality TV show ‘Apprentice’. He was even more so popular because of his flamboyant lifestyle and mouth-before-head statements.

A year back or so, Hillary Clinton was the unchallenged candidate for the top job, with a resume as perfect as a Kodak moment. Her statuses as an ex-Flotus, ex-Sec of State, and a lot of other ex’es made her the obvious choice.

Just when everyone assumed it to be a one-sided election came the Trump Train, which derailed the entire dynamics of US politics. With ideas as crazy as building a wall, to yelling the hell out of everyone, the man with zero experience in politics became the front-runner for the Republican Party, virtually demolishing everything that stood in his way. And here we are today, with the Super Tuesday primary results giving a clear picture on the two front runners. It is Trump V/S Hillary for now, and what’s about to unfold will take entertainment to highest levels.

This is the point where our conspiracy theory begins!

The questions everyone needs to ask themselves-

  1. How could the Grand Old Republican Party not find even one suitable candidate for the nomination? The current lot looks like a train-wreck.
  2. How could an outsider like Donald Trump gain so much traction that today he looks like the only legitimate Republican choice?
  3. How could Hillary, who was supposedly the unopposed Democratic nominee find a serious contender in Bernie Sanders?
  4. How did Donald Trump gain so much ground that he has already won the major primaries, and is syncing best with republican primary voters?
  5. Economic issues aside, how could the US population even support someone as absurd as Donald Trump?

Well, these questions might be common, but the politics behind the answers will derail the common sense. I used a certain political theory to find some of these answers. And they show amazing results.

The Theory- Politics is the art of demonstrating strength!

The top job in the United States is considered to be the seat of the most powerful person on the planet. Apart from the inherent value of this post, its true value is amplified only when the person in charge has really fought his way to the top. A one-sided election not only weakens the value of this position but also makes a mockery of the great nation that the United States is.

With this in mind, let us take a look at the state of affairs at Capitol Hill even before the race began.

  • Hillary had become a national choice even before the elections were declared.
  • Republicans struggled to find a strong nominee. Despite Michael Bloomberg’s independent stance, he could have been a strong contender as a Republican Nominee, giving Hillary a serious run for her money.
The philosophical coorelation

Any political position, especially when it is the most powerful in the world needs to demonstrate power, the strength of crushing the opponent and a solid understanding of the fundamentals. With Hillary as the sole preferred choice, the 2016 Presidential race looked like an on-the-platter offering, which might have been yielded short-term election results, but in the longer run, it is a perfect recipe for a weaker establishment. More so since the position is assumed to have been gained without any efforts. The rippling effect of this scenario weakens the administration’s portrayal of strength.

Enter Donald Trump

Now it is no hidden truth that Donald Trump had certain linkages to the Clinton Foundation. More so over, there have been certain speculations about a Trump and Clinton meeting in early 2015. Now these might not imply anything at all, but when it comes to connecting the dots with our hypothesis, it forms a scary political puzzle of what might have just happened.

The Trump Train began with a lot of mud slinging and gained traction amongst the agitated vote bank. His well-marketed campaign has gained so much strength that he looks well positioned to be the Republican Nominee. More than crushing the Democratic candidates, he has crushed the Republican candidates. Winning early primaries is just the beginning and he is sure to win the rest as well.

But, what are we missing here- The Primary Elections only take into consideration the individual party representative. And for the Republican Party Primary Voters, Donald Trump seemed to be the legitimate choice.

But the National Presidential Elections are the cruel devil. Irrespective of your allegiance to a political outfit, the Presidential Elections is a choice between two personalities, in our case- Donald Trump V/S Hillary Clinton. And any sane voter, again irrespective of their political opinions, would know that Hillary would the preferred choice!

So are we saying that there is a conspiracy theory working here between Trump and the Clintons? We are not, but it looks to be and here is why-

What does Hillary gain by going against Donald Trump?
  1. She gains a demonstration of strength against a wild opponent.
  2. She proves that she did not get the job on-the-platter.
  3. She ensures that the Republican Party dare not bring any legitimate candidate in the race.
  4. She puts the voting diaspora in a dilemma of choosing between an insane character and a well-polished candidate, from which the choice becomes obvious.
And what does Mr. Trump gain?
  1. He has been a marketer all his life, and the value of Brand Trump explodes.
  2. The value of his businesses achieves new heights just at the thought of he being a Presidential Nominee.
  3. By joining this conspiracy, he gets direct access to the White House, which gives him the privilege of twisting policies the way he likes.
  4. Last but not the least, he has gained a worldwide recognization, and his abashed style nothing but increases his value.

So, ask yourself again- Is Trump really in it to win, or is he in it to make Hillary win? The narrative set by this theory seems to suggest the latter, but the results and the consequences that follow will answer the rest.

Disclaimer- This is not an investigative piece, just a philosophical opinion.