Airtel Presence- Customer Care Experience

Thought I should blog this out since it reflects the next gen empowerment of consumerism in India. Something that the India I was born in lacked, and was lackadaisical even few years back. Not sure if it is the new Modi government responsible for this too. (thats on a lighter note!)

Below is a quick snippet of exceptional service provided by one of India’s largest telecom service providers, Airtel. Although the problem started by Airtel itself, what followed was exceptional customer care experience which validates my belief in the consumer empowerment which was long due in India.

The issue I faced came up due to incorrect information provided by the Inbound customer care call centre, regarding a certain International calling tariff pack which ran my billable up to INR 12000/-. (It’s quite a lot here in India for a cellular bill)

Expectedly, what followed were multiple calls to the customer care expecting some resolution and some bashing by an agitated customer.

After an irrational settlement proposed by the Inbound Customer Care team, I decided to reach out to higher authorities for relief when I found out about a specialized unit within Airtel which caters to fastidious customer like me. The higher authorities I went to were high up in the food chain.

What followed this was an exceptional customer care experience by the this unit in Airtel, called Airtel Presence. (Twitter Handle @Airtel_Presence)

Some noteworthy traits this made this experience unique were-
1) Exceptional communication skills of the Airtel Presence team.
(Just tweet them and see. It reminds me of a much publicized certain experience about Netflix in the US)

2) Timely updates and minimal response times.
(No wait in Queues, and personalized service experience)

3) More Action and less talking.
(The team resolved the issue in Less than 2 working days, with updates from the corporate office even on Sunday)

4) Quick resolution Implementation
( The reversal of charges to the account happened almost immediately. No waiting for the next bill run)

We are soon reaching a new dimension of consumerism in India where the customer is going to drive the product and services benchmarks. And Airtel definitely is on the right track. With such experiences, it is nothing but fortifying its presence and leading the new wave of consumerism in India.

Tweet @Airtel_Presence if you are seeking help. This one works!
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