My First Attempt to Write..

This is my first blog, let’s leave blogs aside, I guess this is the first time I’m consciously and willingly attempting to write something. I just read 2 articles back to back, one by James Altucher and the other by Todd Brison . Since this is my first blog on Medium (or anywhere for that instance), I had trouble tagging (or mentioning) the 2 brilliant authors mentioned above. I read James Altucher a lot and recently saw 2 of his videos on YouTube. He’s one of my favorite bloggers/writers (I haven’t read much of anyone). Also, I had to cut the text from this article, go back to Medium and find the tagging name’ for mentioning Todd Brison and paste the text back here. I had to do that twice since my beautiful mind stored his name as Tood Robinson the first time and then Todd Robinson the second time.

I am on the train right now (just got down while typing this sentence) and I’ll be reaching my work place in roughly 10 mins (or so). I guess I’ve to get going as I have to take a deep breath and deal with my anxiety of stuttering when asking the ‘Auto Rickshaw’ driver (let’s just call it the cab guy) to take me to my work place. Love xx

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