coldplay therapy

feeling nostalgic: strawberry swing

feeling sorry: trouble

feeling nostalgic and sorry: the scientist

feeling unlucky in love: warning sign

feeling lucky in love: green eyes

feeling lost in love: charlie brown

feeling lost for love: gravity

feeling desperate in love: true love

feeling love: fly on

feeling lonely: life is for living

feeling happy: yellow

feeling broken: fix you

feeling lullabic: sparks

feeling saved: amsterdam

feeling changed for the better: in my place

feeling changed for the worse: up in flames

feeling wrought in the tug of time: clocks

feeling wrought by the dread of death: 42

feeling revolutionary: violet hill

feeling greedy: god put a smile upon your face

feeling pompous: viva la vida

feeling hollow in ambition: speed of sound

feeling uninspired: every teardrop is a waterfall

feeling dreamy: paradise

feeling crazy: adventure of a lifetime

feeling like tripping: a sky full of stars

feeling like posing a challenge to your voice box to sing a song: magic

feeling mediterranean (?): ink

feeling hopeful about the dismal world: birds

feeling dismal about the beautiful world: don’t panic

feeling dismal about your life: up&up

feeling wistfully thankful: everglow