The Quotidian Vagabond

A Photo Journal: Day I

Boston Logan: “Can anybody fly this thing? Before my head explodes, or my head starts to ring. We’ve been living life, inside a bubble. We’ve been living life, inside a bubble. Confidence in you, is confidence in me. Is confidence in high speed.”
Somewhere over continental US: Some ice cold water with whipped cream, please?
Somewhere over continental US: Yearnings for masala chai and Parle-G biscuits while trapped in an aluminium capsule that serves neither.
Seattle: Hello Seattle, where did you hide your famed Space needle?
Anacortes: Red cherry robber caught red-handed in the charming port town of Anacortes.
Anacortes: The Hatter threw an ice-cream party, because it was too hot for tea.
Anacortes: A restful place for the restless, sandwiched between closed windows.
Anacortes: A setting sun which no one can see, for this is a city of parked cars.
Anacortes: Hey, I too like to read about myself, so what?
Anacortes Ferry Terminal: A bar-stool to keep us high, and higher than the flood of the world.
Somewhere over the Pacific: What do you see? A horizon, where the water meets the sky, and the land meets the clouds. Shall I meet you there then, too?
Somewhere over the Pacific: Jack and Rose.
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