The Quotidian Vagabond

A Photo Journal: Day II

… the previous day.

San Juan Island: After carefully consulting his mercurious instrument and my mercurial mood, my doctor advised me to take two daily doses of footloose travel.
San Juan Island: They’re all queuing up for their daily ration of mellow yellow sunshine.
San Juan Island: A window view to the outside world, part one.
San Juan Ferry Terminal: When life gives you lemonade, share it.
San Juan Island Ferry: Lost and found, a hat and sunglasses without a man.
San Juan Island Ferry: They said, “iron doesn’t float on water.”
Anacortes: A paper town by the wet sea.
Deming: She sits by the netted window, waiting for the sun to return.
Deming: The canyon remains of a cappuccino, sipped slowly with time.
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