The Quotidian Vagabond

A Photo Journal: Day V

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Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier: Right Side Up // Fragile // Behold Carefully
Pinnacle Peak, Mount Rainier: A Portrait of Three Estranged Siblings — Adam, Hood and Helen.
Mount Rainier: Welcome to The Shire, where everything is far far away.
Mount Rainier: Spotted; two beautiful Kashmiri women taking a stroll in the paradise gardens of Shalimar.
Mount Rainier: “As the cheerless towns pass my window, I can see a washed out moon through the fog. And then a voice inside my head breaks the analogue, and says: follow me down to the valley below, you know, moonlight is bleeding from out of your soul.”
Mount Rainier: Open-air photo-booths are the best; (L-R) Oregon, California, Washington and Nevada
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